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Posted on December 22 2019

Green base, ash base, purple base: what’s the difference?

Just as sure as Thursdays are always tan night, no great weekend ever started with “I’m so pale.” So, when you want to achieve that Bali post-holiday glow instantly, the safest and easiest way to do it is to fake it.

If you’re a seasoned tanning veteran, you’ll know that the self-tanning industry has come a long way since first hitting the market (uneven orange streaks, anyone?) Now, the next generation in tanning comes with a range of colour-specific formulas for you to choose from, so you’re more in control of your skin tone.

Are you confused about the different colour bases? If so, we’ll give you a quick rundown on what each colour means:

Which base is right for my skin tone?

    • Green Base: A Green Base fake tan is seen as the all-rounder in the tanning world. This colour is the most popular tonal base because it gives a natural, tan finish on just about all skin types. If you have a medium skin complexion (not too pale or too dark) or you’re just beginning your self-tan journey, then a green based self-tan is ideal for you.

    • Violet Base: If you tan easily in the sun, then a purple or violet based colour is better suited for you. Better suited for those with olive skin and a warm undertone, the Violet Base complements the natural warmth of your natural skin colour, delivering the perfect natural tan (without looking ashy).

    • Ash Base: If you’re naturally fair skinned, you might be more comfortable sticking with our Ash Base. This colour will bring out a cool-brown tone on your skin, so you’ll never look orange.

It’s important to keep in mind that while any tonal product can be used on any skin tone, it’s all about your desired end result. Don’t be afraid to experiment with all three colour bases to find the one that best complements your natural skin pigment.

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