Your Complete Guide to Tanning


Dear New-Tanner, 

Your world is about to be rocked! In a good way. 

Don’t be overwhelmed! We’ve got you covered. Here is our step-by-step guide to achieving a flawless tan. 


1. Prep your skin 

    This is a non-negotiable if you want a streak-free, flawless looking glow.  

    First and foremost, exfoliating - this step is crucial! In order for the tan to penetrate the top layers of your skin we want the freshest skin possible. To remove the dead skin, we recommend you start with our Charcoal Exfoliating Mitt, using circular motions on your arms, legs and body. If the mitt is too coarse for your liking, add a lotion or light coffee scrub. We do not recommend using the exfoliating mitt on your face. 

    Once you are a regular tanning, you may find you can just use the Le Tan Gold Pro Remover. Which breaks down the residue from old tan and primes your skin for a fresh application.  

    Now that your skin feels brand-new, it’s time to moisturise! 

    Apply moisturiser to areas that are typically prone to being dry, like the elbows, hands, feet/ankles and face before applying any tan, to ensure the formula doesn’t stick and create patches. We recommend an oil-free moisturiser, as these moisturisers can cause the tan to dilute or break-down. 





    2. The right formula for your skin 

    There are lots of options in the tanning world; lotions, oils, serums, creams, however the most popular format and easy to apply for first-timers are foams and mousses, which you can find at your local Coles or Woolworths, can specialty stores such as Chemist Warehouse and Priceline (view our stockiest list here). Le Tan offers a premium range of foams within the Gold range and has the added bonus of different base shades and development times.  

    • Le Tan Gold Dark is the go-to tan that develops in 6/8 hours and lasts 4/5 days  
    • Le Tan Gold Stay is the tan that lasts up to 10 days, perfect for when you want your tan to last over two weekends 
    • Le Tan Gold Fast is the express tan that you can wash off in as little as 1 hour 

    Dark, stay & fast are available in 3 base colours, read here to find your base colour 


    3. The application 

    To mitt or not to mitt, that is the question! There are definitely tanners out there that wear latex gloves or bare hands to tan, it is absolutely an option. However, the team at Le Tan have tested all methods and hands down prefer using an application mitt for a flawless looking glow (and no tan stuck under your nails). 

    Le Tan offer two styles of mitt, a standard application mitt and a total-control mitt (exclusive to Priceline) which comes with a thumb piece and wrist-cuff for additional support.  

    Ok, you have made it this far, now it is time to take the plunge. Regardless of what product you have selected, give the bottle a good shake. We want all the good bits merged with the other bits. Then, pump 1-3 pumps of product onto your mitt. starting at your feet, rub the product in a circular motion, just like you were rubbing in moisturizer. Work your way up, just focusing on one limb at a time. Don’t be afraid to apply to one limb, have a look in the mirror, and go back over it or spot-fix. If you are using a mitt, it will do the hard work for you. 

    Depending of the style of tan you selected, it will have different developing times, meaning different levels of darkness/pigmentation. Be sure to read the instructions on the bottle – and if you are nervous and rinse early, you can always start the process again. 

    Tip: Tan the back of your hands after you’ve finished tanning the rest of your body to rubbing on your hands from the inside of the mitt.  


    4. Developing 

      Each tan will have a different development process, so be sure to read the instructions on the bottle. Whilst we try our absolute best to develop product that doesn’t transfer onto your clothes or sheets, it can happen. Find some loose-fitting clothes that you can wear comfortably whilst your tan is doing its thang.  

      Tip: Use a drying powder/baby powder over tan to reduce stickiness. 


      5. Time to rinse 

      It’s the moment you have been waiting for! It is time to see your glowing tan. 

      Step into the shower and rinse off in a warm (not hot) and avoid soap. Once the water starts to run clear you know you’re done. Gently pat dry and apply your favorite body moisturizer or body oil. Take a moment to look at your glowing skin – and give yourself a moment of gratitude and self-love.  

      Tip: To increase the longevity of your tan be sure to keep your skin moisturised. Use a gradual moisturiser like our Le Tan Gold Glow Gradual Lotion to keep your tan topped up and looking fresh 

      We are so excited for you to take this step and try something new. But remember, this is something you do for you, to feel good, feel fresh and feel confident.  

      Please send us your photos or stories to our Instagram page and leave a review on our products – we would love to be a part of your tanning journey. 



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