Shannon, also known as her Instagram name @FeedMeGlow, is a health coach and knows the importance of staying fit and active. She preaches health and fitness, and loves Uber Stay for an always fresh tan throughout her busy, active life.

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What Shannon had to say about Uber Stay:

“My final review of my tan journey with Uber Stay’s Violet base! It was so much fun putting the tan to the test and I'm so impressed with how natural and seamless the tan stayed on throughout the week 🙏🏼

I always make it a ritual to take care of my skin by keeping it soft and glowy through the right nutrition and products, so the things I put on my skin are really important to me. I loved how this product was vegan, scent free and so easy and quick to apply! (Anything hassle free is a big deal for me when it comes to beauty products).”