Personalised tanning and base colours.

Choosing the perfect base for your skin tone.

At Le Tan, we understand that each skin tone is unique and this is why the Le Tan Gold premium range offers 3 different base colours to give you a tailored sunless glow.

Green base

Our green-based tans are designed for all skin tones.

We recommend you try our green-based tan if you aren’t sure what colour base you are. This offers you risk-free tanning to ensure a perfect bronze from your first attempt. Green is the ‘one-size-fits-all’ base in our tans as it includes both warm and cool tones, making it neutral and suitable for those who naturally have either toned skin.

Tanning products that are green based are popular for gifting as they are designed to give a natural-looking tan to all skin tones.

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Violet base

Our violet based tans are designed for olive and warmer skin tones.

We recommend our violet based products if you tan easily in the sun. On naturally warmer undertones, a green-based tan would still create a gorgeous caramel hue, where a violet base would create a rich mahogany finish.

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Ash base

Our ash-based tans are designed for fairer skin tones.

We recommend our ash-based tan if you naturally do not tend to tan easily in the sun. Our ash-based tans are tailored for those who have cooler undertones and provide a smooth, cool intense dark tan.

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