What makes something a classic?

What makes something a classic?

A classic is revered fondly, as something of quality, purpose and reputation that stands the test of time. Just like Le Tan Classic; And it was time our Classic range got a GLOW UP!

Our Classic range is the OG of tanning. And yes, we can admit we were part of the orange-generation from the 80’s, but we have evolved a lot since then with an offering of Caramel, Bronze and Green based tans in foams, sprays, and lotions. Introducing our new look Classic Range.

First and foremost, let’s examine the full range.

The Foams

Our Classic Foam range now comes in 3 colour options across two sizes (and all at a great price!).

The Express Range

For the tanner that wants a quick fix (or that lazy friend who doesn’t have time to marinate) we have got your covered! The Express range comes in a foam and spray option. You are in full control of the depth of your tan by following the colour development guide on the bottle.

The Instant Sprays

Whether you missed a spot or need to blend your tan-lines, our Instant Sprays are your new best friend. Lightweight and easy to apply, you will be looking tanned and airbrushed in seconds. Our formula is fast drying and washes off completely with water and soap. Available in 2 shades so you can choose your desired level of bronze. Plus the light shade has the added benefit of coconut water – the ultimate hydrating ingredient.

 The Gradual Tan

Enriched with nourishing coconut water, this lotion can be used as a gradual tanner or a tan extender, the choice is yours!

Le Tan Classic is about having a tan when YOU want one. Not just for the beach, but for all those real-life moments in between when you’re out enjoying the golden skin you’re in! 

Classic Refresh FAQs

1. Has the formula changed
No, these are the same amazing formulas you know and love.

2. What has happened to the Ultra Dark range? (Black bottles)
These products still exist, they have just been merged into the Classic range. Ultra Dark now comes in 110ml and 180ml size (compared to only 200ml previously).

3. Why did we change the bottles?
We wanted to create a cohesive and shoppable design for our Classic range. Absorbing ultra dark into classic allows us to have a smooth and clean looking range that is easily identifiable.

4. Where can I purchase Le Tan Classic from?
Le Tan Classic is available in Coles, Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and independent pharmacies. Range offering subject to retailer and store size.